Welcome to

This is a small community driven by geeks/nerds who are mainly passioned about computers.

We don’t strive to become something large, this is just a fun pass time project when we have time over.

A little brief history about us: started originally around 2003 by Sprak that hosted it on a home server in his bedroom and just started as a small webserver, eventually a IRC server was also created, however there was another small IRC server around that had been around since 1997 called IPSource, so we joined forces with them. We grew into a small network of friends and it went on, around 2007 or so it died out sadly and several brave attempts to revive the community started, but failed.
Eventually the domain went back to public domain and the community went dormant for several years.
In 2016 team member Enix decided to revive it once again in a new attempt, this time hosted on rented servers in Germany and USA, we have better funding now and better resources and hopefully it will stay alive this time.

Feel free to join us on the forums or join us at IRC, head over to for more information.